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Places that should be on your go-to list in Adelaide

Adelaide is the tourist place which you shouldn’t afford to miss in the beautiful continent-Australia. It is well known for its fabulous places. Also, there are several magnificent places adjacent to Adelaide. If you want to experience the best of Australia, then this destination is the one for you.

You can visit the magnificent places in Adelaide. The different museums, beaches have a lot of offer to the tourists. The lip-smacking food is worth all the trying, and if you are a wine lover, this city is your place to be in.

Make sure to cover all the beautiful destination as a tourist. Have beautiful memories with the best places. Here is a list of the places that you must visit in Adelaide:

Adelaide Botanic Garden

Staying close to nature is always a beautiful experience. In your holiday time, go one step forward to experience the beauty of nature. Get some time off your hectic schedule when you choose to visit this garden.

Spread around 51 acres, you can find this beautiful place in the Center of the Adelaide city. The beautiful palm house has its construction dated back to the ‘80s.

There are different unique things about this place, such as testing the sustainability of roses in Australia's climate. You can also find some historic buildings which are situated here.

South Australian Museum

Museums are an excellent way to understand history. And if the history buff in you wants to know about this beautiful place, don’t forget to add the South Australian Museum to your list. It is a 5 storey building especially dedicated to educating the masses about the old heritage. There are various galleries which are worth a visit to this museum.

Victoria Square

Who said you couldn’t go on a picnic when you are on holiday to some other continent? Well, Victoria Square has a lot to offer if you are looking for a relaxing time with your family. It is the absolute thing that you should not miss doing in the beautiful city of Australia.

Situated in the Square’s center, there is a Queen Victoria statue that pays homage to her. Apart from this, you can also see three magnificent fountains situated at the square’s northern end.

Adelaide Casino

In recent times, Samuel Adams has been known for giving out the most amazing beer. Go on a tour to this brewery in Jamaica Plain alongside Boston and see the making of the famous beer. You can also taste the sample of the finished product. This tourist destination is also a place to the Boston Beer Museum.

Going to the casinos is a thing that you must try in this city. As casinos are not popular in other countries, Adelaide Casino has a lot to offer. It is one of the most popular ways through which you can enjoy the most excellent game.