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Term & Conditions

You will find our terms and conditions here. When you use our website, you adhere to agree with all this information. If you don’t agree to any of it, you can discontinue using the site.

We make sure to keep your privacy at the top; that is why here we are discussing some of the terms and conditions. In the following discussion, you will know more and further about the license, cookies, content liability and other related things. As stated above, you can leave the website if you don’t agree with anything of the following.

Going further, here is the detailed discussion on these relevant things which are essential so that you can now further about it.


When browsing through the website, you agree with using the cookies. You can read through it on our privacy policy page. Cookies help us to take in the details of the user who accessed our website. However, we don’t want it for our personal use but to build a more user-friendly website. The functionality in a certain field is improved through the information we get.


The information present on our website is solely for us. Here are some of the things which you aren’t allowed to do. We recommend you not to do any of the following without any written consent from us.

  • Copying of the content present on the website
  • Rent/Sell/Sublicense is not allowed
  • Republishing of the content
  • Copying anything from the website
  • These agencies can have a hyperlink through our website without our content.

  • Government Agencies
  • Search Engines
  • New Agencies
  • Content Liability

    You can leave personal opinions on the website, which can have some information. We never review or take any guarantee of editing the comments. The reviews are not ours and solely of the person commenting it.

    Right Reservation

    We can any time tell you to take away the links which you put on our website. We would prefer it if you get the link removed when said by us.

    We can at any time, write or change the terms and conditions all over again. If you have something to link with our website, you must agree to the terms as well as conditions presented to you.


    We aren’t liable for the information presented to you as long as it is provided to free of cost. So, we take zero responsibility if you suffer any damage or loss through this.